An Open Letter to The Province

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Dear Editor

As animal welfare groups, rescue organizations and shelters struggle to respond to the needs of homeless, neglected, abused and abandoned animals across the province, with little support from municipal, provincial and federal governments it is frustrating to see so much be made of a by-law that, in fact, holds an important purpose.

Dogs should not be left unattended outside of businesses for a number of reasons. 1. The tethering of dogs has long been understood to create stress on dogs, so much so, that many municipalities have by-laws that limit the length of time a dog can be tethered in their yard. Tethering a dog in a public and foreign place will only serve to increase this stress on even the most balanced dog. 2. When a dog is left unattended, there is no one to monitor how it will respond to a stranger approaching them to be pet (or simply walk around) or limit the opportunities for other dogs to approach the dog, who while tethered will feel more vulnerable and potentially more aggressive as a result. 3. Unattended dogs can and do get stolen. They may be stolen to be sold to research facilities, to be used as bait dogs for unscrupulous individuals who are training dogs to fight or simply to be taken in as the thief’s companion.

If local politicians, such as Adriane Carr, wish to engage in important issues that impact the welfare of animals, perhaps they should consider more significant and pressing issues, such as animals being sold in pet stores, bad breeders, puppy and kitten mills and the overcrowding and under-resourcing of our municipal shelters.

With respect,

Kathy Powelson
Executive Director

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