After a life of breeding Chi Chi gets a second chance

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One of the first initiatives Paws for Hope implemented was our Pets Are Not Products Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to educate consumers about the animal welfare issues associated with the retail sale of pets and to mobilize community members to advocate for a ban of this inhumane practice.

Animals bred for profit are bred in misery. Whether it is a large scale commercial breeding operation or small back yard breeding, animals spend their breeding years in a cage, often with inadequate space, clean water, and a separate place to go to the washroom. When they are no longer able to breed, they are often killed. Sometimes they are dumped and left to fend for themselves, and sometimes they are allowed to be rescued.

Meet Chi Chi. Chi Chi was rescued by Richmond Animal Protection Societyunnamed (4)

Chi Chi is eight years old and had spent her life breeding. She was bred so much that she became paralyzed in her hind end. During her last litter she was forced to drag herself around in order to nurse her four puppies. Her puppies were sold online for $850 and she was taken in by RAPS. By the time she was in their care she had flesh and urine burns on her lower legs and genitals from having to drag herself for the past few months.

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In addition to a custom made wheel chair, the cost of medical care for Chi Chi is extensive, and thanks to generous donors and a $1,000 grant from our Guardian Angel Program, Chi Chi is well on her way to getting the best second chance possible.

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We are grateful for organizations like RAPS who take in special needs animals like Chi Chi, and are glad that we were able to provide financial support towards this important work.

For as long as legislation allows for unregulated breeding and sale of animals, animals will suffer. It is up to all of us to put an end to this.

Turn your compassion into action

    Sign the pledge not to purchase animals from a pet store, online or through a disreputable breeder.
    Donate and help us raise awareness on this important issue
    To learn more about the big business of puppy mills, join us on November 12, 2015 for the Canadian Premier of Dog by Dog, followed by a Q & A with director, Christopher Grimes.

For more information on RAPS visit their website

For more information on our Guardian Angel Grants visit our website.

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