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Instead of buying a dog, cat, or other furry critter for kids and other loved ones this season, consider these great (and humane) ideas for spreading animal-loving joy.

  1. Donate
    Thousands of pets are surrendered after the holidays when the thrill wears off and end up in cages at rescue organizations and shelters across the province. When you donate to Paws For Hope, we distribute funds to partner organizations that need it most. We’ll even send you a card to gift to your friends and family, should you want to make a donation on their behalf.
  1. Volunteer
    Animals love to be loved! And shelter animals, while well taken care of by shelter staff, don’t always get as much individual love and care as an animal needs to thrive. Call up your favourite organization and give some time to some four-legged furballs in need.
  1. Foster an animal
    If you’re not ready for a full-time new furry family member, several organizations use foster homes as interim stable environments for dogs, cats, and rabbits before they find their forever home. If you have time, space, and love to gift, fostering might be a great idea. Here are a few things to consider before fostering.
  1. Hang out with your friend’s pet
    Pet owners LOVE friends who they can trust to cat sit or dog sit (or bunny sit or guinea pig sit…). You give the gift of a weekend of freedom to your friend and you get the gift of fabulous four-legged love. It’s win-win.
  1. Visit Catfe
    If you live in downtown Vancouver and cats steal your heart, visit the Catfe. Coffee + rescue cats all in one place. A purrrr-fect combo.
  1. Gift an animal adoption kit
    Instead of buying a pet for someone, buy them an adoption kit instead. A basket full of goodies—collar, water bowls, food, treats, leash, etc. So when they’re ready, they can start to look for the right pet for them at the right time. Wildebeest has a great starter kit for $69 USD.
  1. Take your passion to the streets & raise awareness
    If you’re keen on getting your hands dirty and sinking your teeth into the issue of breeding mills, we love passionate folks. Take our Pledge  to never purchase an animal from a retail store, then download our Advocacy Digital Toolkit.  The more awareness you can help us spread, the more likely we’ll achieve our goal of ending the retail sale of animals for good!

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