At Paws for Hope, we either attend animal-related events to help spread the word about what we do or we host our own for specific purposes, usually to provide support and expert guidance for our partner organizations or to educate the public on timely companion animal-related issues.

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Shelagh has been training professionally since 2007, and involved in rescue since 2004.  Her vast experience in working with reactive dogs and all sorts of behaviour challenges has her being recommended by veterinarians and pet professionals throughout Metro Vancouver.  After 20 years in customer service and public relations, Shelagh naturally connects with her clients to help them navigate their training challenges.

recent-eventsFebruary 2014 – “Compassion Fatigue” Seminar
Supporting those involved in animal welfare, rescue and rehabilitation is a top priority for us. An often overlooked component in the vital work of saving animals is the emotional toll it takes on those who sacrifice so much to improve the lives of animals in their care. And the impact can be devastating. Research indicates veterinarians have the highest suicide rates among caring professionals, and the burnout rate for animal welfare/rescue professionals is among the highest.

On February 22 and 23, 2014, we held seminars for veterinary health professionals and animal welfare/rescue professionals that provided the opportunity to address “Compassion Fatigue” facilitated by Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, Laurel Horn. During the weekend sessions, we focused on how to identify this burnout and discussed tools to address it. It was so inspiring to see individuals who give so much to save and protect animals, finally take a couple of hours for themselves to identify strategies that will allow them to take better care of themselves.

And this was all made possible, thanks to generous sponsorship from Until We Meet Again – Pet Cremation Services and the in-kind service of Laurel Horn, from Daybreak Counselling.

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