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    • Tens of thousands of cats, dogs, small animals, and reptiles roam the streets or reside in shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations.
    • Thousands more suffer daily neglect and abuse at the hands of their guardians.
    • There are no criteria required for groups to be involved in animal welfare and rescue.
    • There is no accountability or funding support for these organizations.
    • There is little corporate, provincial, or federal financial support.
    • Animal protection-related legislation is outdated and unenforced.
    • Existing animal welfare initiatives within the Province are understandably stuck in emergency response mode unable to create sustainable solutions that protect animals in need over the long term.


    Paws for Hope Nominated to Present at 2014 Urban Animal Regional Conference in Vancouver

    Paws for Hope Nominated to Present at 2014 Urban Animal Regional Conference in Vancouver
    Chance to Showcase its Innovative Projects to Other Communities

    VANCOUVER, BC – April 19, 2014 – Paws for Hope Animal Foundation, a Vancouver-based charity committed to more sustainable companion animal protection in B.C., today announced that it has been nominated by its industry peers to present during the 2014/2015 Innovation Showcase at the 2014 Urban Animal Regional Conference in Vancouver on April 30, 2014. The nomination recognizes the Charity’s continued efforts to improve the lives of pets within B.C. and provides an opportunity to share its innovative projects with other organizations and communities. Executive Director, Kathy Powelson, will give the 20-minute overview presentation including a short question and answer period at the end.

    “We’re proud to be featured by the Urban Animal Foundation in recognition of the work we do ‘in the trenches’ each day,” said Kathy Powelson, Executive Director of Paws for Hope. “We’re unlike other animal-related groups in B.C. since we’re the only charity that directly helps B.C. companion animals and assists established animal rescue and welfare organizations with their different areas of need. This session gives us a high-profile opportunity to share our good work and our novel approach to helping dogs, cats, small animal, and reptiles that need our care and support over the long term. We are also looking forward to the opportunity to connect with our peers and to hear about the other innovative work that is happening across the province.”

    The Urban Animal Program (UAP) began nine years ago with the vision of uniting the sectors of the fragmented animal industry in order to solve some of the chronic urban animal challenges facing communities across the country. One of its flagship event series is the Urban Animal Regional Conferences held in four major urban centres in April to facilitate the discussion of issues, showcase innovation, establish strategy, and develop relationships. Thought leaders are gathered from five primary urban animal sectors to represent all those involved with people and pets in the community. To learn specifically about the Vancouver event’s conference agenda, please visit:











    Kathy Powelson, Executive Director
    604-396-9297, kathy@pawsforhope.org


    small animal

    Small animals, such as mice and rabbits are often perceived as even more disposable than other companion animals. There are few shelters that have the housing to take in small animals and those that do, take in a very limited number. But despite the lack of resources to support their rescue, stores across the province continue to sell these animals to anyone and little, if any, accurate information on their care requirements are provided to the buyer. In addition, the breeding of these animals goes unchecked and is even easier to conceal than larger animals, such as cats and dogs. As a result, small animals are dumped at alarming rates.

    Small Animal Rescue Society (SARS) is one of the few provincial organizations that provides for the rescue and care of small critters. It is more often than not up to them to trap and house critters who have been dumped by someone who no longer is able to or wants to care for them any more.

    We are proud to partner with SARS on our Pets Are Not Products Campaign and to support them through our Guardian Angel Program Veterinary Care Grants.