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    • Tens of thousands of cats, dogs, small animals, and reptiles roam the streets or reside in shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations.
    • Thousands more suffer daily neglect and abuse at the hands of their guardians.
    • There are no criteria required for groups to be involved in animal welfare and rescue.
    • There is no accountability or funding support for these organizations.
    • There is little corporate, provincial, or federal financial support.
    • Animal protection-related legislation is outdated and unenforced.
    • Existing animal welfare initiatives within the Province are understandably stuck in emergency response mode unable to create sustainable solutions that protect animals in need over the long term.


    Paws for Hope Condemns BC SPCA’s Secret Internal Proposal to Import Dogs for Adoption
    • Confidential BC SPCA report obtained by Paws for Hope outlines the BC SPCA’s proposal to import ‘adoptable dogs’ from outside of B.C. to help their regional shelters “drive more traffic & support”
    • BC SPCA’s own Web sites states British Columbia has an “enormous pet overpopulation problem” and there are “over 41,000 animals in distress and in need” of their services each year
    • Paws for Hope is speaking up on behalf of many B.C. animal welfare groups & urges public to support the drive to stop the BC SPCA from implementing this proposed “Out-of-Province Dog Transfer Protocol” (online petition can be found at www.pawsforhope.org/nowaybcspca),
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    Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital has been serving the North Delta/ Surrey neighbourhoods for over 30 years. This accredited hospital strives to stay involved within the community, and works closely with the neighbouring police dogs and their handlers, the BC Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs breeding and training programs, and with Paws for Hope Animal Foundation. Doctors and staff are passionate about giving back and using their resources and skills to help animals in need and their guardians.