Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel program is to offer services, initiatives, and funding opportunities to support qualified volunteer-run animal welfare and rescue charities in British Columbia. More >

Roxy’s Relief

Roxy’s Relief is a shelter intervention program that provides basic veterinary care for vulnerable populations. Helping pets of those in need also helps to keep animals with their families and out of the shelter system. More >

Pets are not Products

Our Pets Are Not Products campaign is an advocacy and awareness initiative. Our goal is to end the retail sale of animals — which in turn will end the existence of breeding mills. Join Us >

Cruelty Free BC

The goals of Cruelty-Free BC are to educate consumers on the inhumane and unnecessary practice of animal testing for cosmetics and household products and to educate consumers on how to identify genuine cruelty-free products. More >


    • Tens of thousands of cats, dogs, small animals, and reptiles roam the streets or reside in shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations.
    • Thousands more suffer daily neglect and abuse at the hands of their guardians.
    • There are no criteria required for groups to be involved in animal welfare and rescue.
    • There is no accountability or funding support for these organizations.
    • There is little corporate, provincial, or federal financial support.
    • Animal protection-related legislation is outdated and unenforced.
    • Existing animal welfare initiatives within the Province are understandably stuck in emergency response mode unable to create sustainable solutions that protect animals in need over the long term.


    Paws for Hope launches Give Now To Do Twice The Good fundraising campaign

    VANCOUVER, BC – May 1, 2017 – Paws for Hope Animal Foundation, a BC charity committed to improving the lives of companion animals, announces our first matching fundraising campaign ‘Give Now To Do Twice The Good’ in support of our Roxy’s Relief program. Donations received during the month-long campaign will have twice the impact on delivery of program services including vet exams, vaccinations and free spay/neuter with the help of a matching gift of up to $10,000. Our goal is to raise $10,000 so we can put $20,000 to work for pets of the most vulnerable in our community.
    Roxy’s Relief is a shelter intervention program that supports the veterinary needs of pets whose guardians are homeless and/or low income. “
    Helping pets of those in need helps to keep animals with their families and out of the shelter system,” states Kathy Powelson, executive director, “not only does it enhance animal protection, it has a positive impact on the individual in the community.